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WordLive 1.3 released

WordLive 1.3 for Windows Phone is now available as a free application in the Marketplace. This is a bug-fix release sorting out some cosmetic issues with the readings in particular, and removes some error messages received when deleting older podcasts

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WordLive WP7 v1.2 published to Marketplace

I recently updated the WordLive application on MarketPlace. The trial version is now the same as the full application (with the purchase cost reduced to £0.79/US$0.99): it isn’t possible to make this into a free app due to MarketPlace limitations.

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Daily background images not showing on WordLive

The daily background image for the WordLive app isn’t being updated any more – as the URL of the images has moved since the beginning of the year. As a result you’ll see a black background. This is something I’m

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WordLive for WP7 now available on the Marketplace

If you’ve got Zune or a Windows Phone 7 device, you can search for “WordLive” in the Marketplace application, or follow this link on your PC or Windows Phone 7 device: Otherwise the easiest way of finding out more

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WordLive for Windows Phone 7 features

The WordLive app has the following features: Access the WordLive studies (in the same form as in the public RSS feed, which is a bit different to the website version). Access the WordLive podcasts from within the WordLive application, without

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Welcome to my blog – which is also doubling up as the support site for the WordLive app for Windows Phone 7. As a developer, I usually like to hide behind a computer screen (or 3), so this is an

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